Software for Companies who respect their customers’ time and attention.

Improve In-Store Audio

No matter what music source your clients have in store, our software can play the right messages at the right times, help add audio elements that increase meaningful connections with their customers, help ensure consistent volume levels, and help achieve clarity and audibility. It can even supply music too. If your clients just know there must be a better way to handle holiday music, or for connecting more meaningfully with their customers through in-store audio, schedule an exploration call with us!

Make Useful Audio Content

Our software can help pick the right music, help manage voice artist recordings, and help create real-time audio messages with leading edge AI. You can access this through the web, or your team could even code up our APIs. Only your creativity is the limit. For example: do your phone callers or in-store shoppers need to hear specific current information based on data fetched from various APIs? No problem!

Reduce Caller Abandonment

Studies show that when callers are waiting on hold, which happens 3 out of every 4 calls, the surest way to frustrate and lose them is to play them silence, the phone's built-in music, or the same audio that always starts playing from the same point. Our software instead can increase callers' willingness to stay on the line by at least 3 to 5 times, by eliminating these frustrations. It works with Avaya, BroadWorks, Cisco, and many other phone systems and VoIP providers.

Why We Do It

Attention span is today’s most valuable currency. Every human achievement starts with someone paying attention. Customers purchase, because they pay attention. Attention can also be very fragile. It is sought after, competed over, hard to get, easy to lose, tricky to reward — and skeptical when disrespected or manipulated.

When focused on you, it cannot simultaneously be fulfilling its potential elsewhere.

So the world needs companies who hold as their core value, a commitment to do right by their customers. Companies who are always seeking to improve. Companies who honor and respect every moment they have the attention of their customers.

CUBE’s mission is to make the software these companies need to succeed. To date, companies using CUBE software have:

  • captured orders from customers while waiting on hold
  • turned waiting room time into engagement, actionable data and customer needs discovery
  • captured feedback from waiting customers to understand their unique circumstances
  • generally improved customer happiness and reduced stress in environments where human agents are not immediately available;

and this is only the beginning. We are here to push the boundaries and to explore the full potential of customer interactions with like-minded companies.

Contact & Support

Canada: Phone number: (403) 800-3333

USA: Phone number: +1 (855) 698-2333 toll free


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